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hello cannes

a few weeks before we moved to germany, i was showing piper various pictures of europe online, and at some point made a promise that one day we would go on a girls’ weekend to one of those places. we moved, life got busy, and i actually forgot about this little statement. but my oldest chicklet has the memory of an elephant (is that the saying? maybe i made that up?), so i wasn’t surprised when a few months ago she brought it up.Β remember how you said we could go somewhere, mom? just you and me?Β 

i clearly need absolutely no excuse for an adventure, so a promise to my piper laney was enough to send me scouring the internet for a sweet destination that the two of us would both enjoy. a few late-night-laptop-brainstorm-sessions, 2 plane tickets and one amazing hotel deal later, we were on a plane heading towards a long weekend in cannes.

i have always wanted to visit the south of france – seems so glamorous, so french,Β so cannes.Β it was all of that and more. i absolutely fell in love with cannes. sophisticated and charming, but also really quaint. our hotel was freaking amazing – a beautiful boutique hotel right in the center of everything. steps away from great restaurants and shopping, and 2 blocks from the stunning mediterranean sea. perfect.

it truly was a beautiful and special time with my chicklet. cannes to me was piper’s bigger-than-life smile as she outran the waves in the ocean – i curled up under my wrap (it was freezing but she was not deterred!) and laughed and cheered her on. it was sharing a sweet breakfast every morning – piper ordering my cappuccino and saying, “merci bien!” when it arrived. it was toasting at dinner, and taking the train for a day in unbelievable monte carlo. it was slumber parties at night, snuggled together, watching a show on the ipad. it was getting manicures and pedicures at the most darling little nail salon near our hotel, and piper saying, this place is lovely!Β 

c’est si bon, indeed.

(and as with most of my trips, i’m already dying to go back. but perhaps the next girls’ weekend will involve those in the older-than-6 variety. who’s in?!)

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