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hello cologne



it occurred to me the other day that i never documented our short but lovely trip to cologne (koln). wen and i spent a gorgeous 48-hours there for our anniversary in october, and the city and i got along famously. i’m not sure if it was the charm of the brightly colored row houses or the fact that we could enjoy them without 2 little chicklets pulling on our arms, but either way it was fab.

the main thing to see in cologne is this massive cathedral (dom) in the middle of the city. it’s impressive in size and detail and really breathtaking. that said, i felt drawn to the smaller, more quaint and charming details of cologne. the above mentioned colorful houses just called to me. i dragged wen back to them over and over to try and capture them in the perfect light. so pretty. cobblestone streets, lovely little hand-painted signs for beer halls, pretzel shops, nutcracker stores. yes, please.

for our anniversary dinner wen and i happened to find a korean bbq place which was SO random yet SO perfect. it just fit our little gypsy life to be eating kimchee in the middle of this adorable town in germany, toasting 10 years with husband. falls neatly into the category of “can you believe we’re here?!” which seems to be the theme of our life these past few years.