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lake lucerne {or, em + kel’s adventure part 4}

… we spent the final night of our roadtrip in lake lucerne, switzerland. the drive from lake como to lake lucerne was storybook. at one point the alps were rising around us and the hills were dotted with the most adorable little swiss chalets, one after the other. amazing.

the weather was just gorgeous – finally. the previous 9 days has been truly sweltering, so it was lovely to finally just have sun and a calming breeze. and some swiss cheese. and chocolate. and an ohsobeautiful hotel room overlooking the lake. felt very blessed, indeed.

what was NOT lovely were the prices. our afternoon latte set us each back 8 (almost 9!) euro! GULP. those alpine views do not come cheap. but for one night we gave in to the ridiculousness and just enjoyed.

we lunched, wandered, purchased the requisite little souvenir and then headed back to our lovely hotel. we debated doing a bit more exploring, but finally settled in at the lobby bar with our laptops, books and a few rounds of hugos (my favorite summer beverage which i’ve discovered since moving to germany – prosecco, mineral water, elderflower, mint, ice, lime, OUI!). Β we were exhausted from the adventures of the previous days, and it was just perfection to sit and watch the sun set over the lake, read our books, laugh over funny posts on facebook.

i still can’t believe we did it – so many “bucket list” destinations. feeling SO blessed for these opportunities. and SO grateful, just abundantly grateful that kellie booked that spontaneous ticket and traveled thousands of miles to join me on this adventure. i’m still laughing over some of the ridiculous and hilarious conversations we had in the car, still daydreaming about another afternoon floating in the mediterranean, still tasting that last sip of hugo, still giggling at the italian men drooling over kel. truly the trip of a lifetime, and so thankful for such a beautiful friend to share the view.

kel – i can’t thank you enough, truly can’t express how much it means to me that you bought that ticket and hopped on that plane and left your VERY full and busy life for two whole weeks to come see moi. you are a true and amazing and beautiful friend, and i will ALWAYS be so grateful for this adventure. xo.Β 

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