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{not} just your average thanksgiving

meet crissy & greg.

a little background:

i met crissy through my dear friend kellie. although we grew up in the same town and went to the same high school, we didn’t officially meet until the summer of 2009 (cc, is that right?). nike had just made a HUGE mistake in letting this gem go, (and i knew a good thing when i saw one!), so i scooped up this talented young lady and recruited her to work for me at saks. i somehow convinced her to pack her life up and move to new york, let her bunk for a week in my glamorous hotel room at the doubletree on lexington, and the rest is history.

greg (or milam, as he will henceforth be referred), entered my life in the fall of 1995. we lived next door to each other my sophomore year at auburn, spent the year getting to know each other (and our respective group of friends), and then continued laughing, bickering and bantering for the next few years. we somehow (and regrettably) lost touch after graduation, but reconnected via facebook a few years ago and picked right back up where we left off.

i introduced these two a couple of years ago. both love to travel, love wine & live life BIG. a couple of afternoon pub crawls in new york led to a fun new friendship which ultimately led to …

thanksgiving 2011. the maxeys + germany + crissy + milam + pork shoulder + veuve + prague + a VERY expensive pair of lederhosen + MANY bottles of pinot + one birthday girl (piper) + a bottle of absinthe + 1 INCREDIBLY nerve-wracking encounter with the czech police = the most random, perfect, amazing holiday weekend.

crissy & milam arrived on thursday (thanksgiving) morning – within an hour we were catching up over doner kebabs, by afternoon we were toasting over prosecco and as night fell we were bonding over a thanksgiving feast of schnitzel and sausage. and from there we crammed years’ worth of conversation and adventure into the next 3 days.

on saturday the girls hopped in the VW and the boys hopped in the mini cooper (there MAY have been some journey playing in the mini – just sayin’) and we hit the road to prague.

praha is freaking gorge. we stayed in an amaaaazing hotel and took a gazillion pictures and crissy became facebook friends with a random bartender (of course!) and all in all it was the perfect thanksgiving weekend. we didn’t even miss the turkey.

and lest you think this weekend was all about the adults – oh, no. these two made one birthday girl and her little sister feel preeettty important.

monday morning came WAY too quickly (literally – we had to get up at 4:30am to go to the airport – oy!) and wen & i were both genuinely heartbroken for cc & milam to leave. i still find myself laughing at some of dialogue that took place and am missing these 2 way more than i had anticipated.

those 4 days fall neatly into the category of “i never expected THIS to happen!” but it all just WORKED. in the cast of characters that make up my life’s story, i LOVE that there is a crissy and a milam. already counting the days until thanksgiving 2012 (355, to be exact). xo to you both.

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