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tuscany // serene, gorgeous, picture-perfect, happiness

… if venice is the perfect place to begin an italian adventure, then tuscany is most definitely the perfect place to end. after all of the riding of gondolas and climbing of duomos and exploring of colosseums, one should absolutely head straight to a gorgeous, restored villa in the middle of tuscany for some sipping of wine and laying by pools.

we stayed in the most beautiful hotel right in the middle of tuscany. it looked exactly as you would expect – those tall pointy trees forming perfect paths everywhere you look, the rolling hills with farmhouses off in the distance, little villages peppering the hillsides. our hotel had a pool tucked right into the hillside, and for the girls this was the highlight of the trip. give them a pool over the sistine chapel any day of the week.

our hotel was near this amazing little city called volterra – we had little to no expectations of the village itself, which is perhaps the best way to do it, as we were then completely surprised, delighted and completely blown away by its charm. Β i couldn’t help but daydream about what it must have been like to live there centuries ago when it was built. it’s truly in the middle of nowhere … how did they pick that exact spot? regardless, i’m so glad they did as it was truly such a beautiful surprise to stumble upon it and meander through its winding alleys each afternoon.

our time in tuscany was WAY too short. i could have spent another 2 weeks there, soaking it all in and taking little day trips to other neighboring towns. which is exactly the plan. perhaps next year, or the year after, it’s happening. we’re going to book a villa for 2 weeks, then eat, explore and enjoy our way through tuscany. let me know if you’re up for enjoying a little dolce vita with the maxeys.

ciao, italy. you spoiled us and we’ll most definitely be back.


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