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hello chiemsee

there’s this concept in germany (which extends to austria and switzerland as well) of the “wellness hotel.” part spa, part retreat, part camp. europeans truly do have the whole balance thing nailed so much better than us americans. not only recognizing the need for a little pampering, but giving in to that need in its fullest expression. an afternoon at the spa isn’t quite enough (just like one week of vacation isn’t enough …Β you’re only going for ONE WEEK? why bother, then!?).Β but of course there are times when 2 full weeks (or 3!) isn’t possible, so at these moments the natives head off for a little wellness.

i’ve been dying to go and try one out, so our impromptu road trip to salzburg seemed the perfect excuse to book a night and see what all the fuss is about. THE FUSS IS ABOUT PURE AMAZING. we randomly picked one off the internet (hotel gut ising) that looked pretty, simple, clean. the pictures LIED – it was beyond wellness, more like awesomeness or fabness.Β Β lush green grass, trails to walk around the grounds, a heated outdoor poor that started indoors (automatic sliding glass doors between the inside & outside portions – yes, please). a beautiful little chapel. a park, horses, a plate with fresh pears and gummy bears waiting for us in our room (pears and gummy bears?! genius). Β and just a few kilometers from the chiemsee, a beautiful lake near munich.

it was the quickest wellness experience ever had in germany (you’re only here for ONE NIGHT!?).Β  well let me tell you, for this american, 24 hours of wellness was enough to leave its mark. pure happyness.

auf weidersehen, hotel gut ising. ciao until the next.


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